College for Life Sciences Fellowship

Call for applic­a­tions: Col­lege for Life Sci­ences Fellowships

Applic­a­tion Dead­line: Novem­ber 01, 2022

The Wis­senschaft­skolleg zu Ber­lin (Insti­tute for Advanced Study) is launch­ing its call for applic­a­tions for our 3–5‑months Col­lege for Life Sci­ences Fel­low­ships dur­ing the aca­dem­ic year 2023–2024.

We are look­ing for excel­lent early career research­ers in the life/natural sci­ences and medicine.

We pro­mote sci­ent­ists at the begin­ning of their career, i.e., postdocs, juni­or group lead­ers, lec­tur­ers, and assist­ant, asso­ci­ate, and juni­or professors.

Please find more details about the Col­lege for Life Sci­ences Fel­low­ship here.