Progress Meetings in Evolutionary Biology

Deadline: to be announced in autumn 2021

We are excited to announce the next round of this initiative by the European Society of Evolutionary Biology (ESEB), in partnership with the Journal of Evolutionary Biology (JEB).

We invite applications for funding to support focussed conference or workshops on a topical issue where rapid progress is currently being made in understanding Evolutionary Biology. ESEB will supply funds up to EUR 15,000 to assist with workshop planning (venue, travel or attendance support). We encourage proposals on any topic.

We expect these meetings to bring together a range of researchers focussed around a topic for a “state of the art” conference, ideally proposing a new synthesis, viewpoint or technical or analytical breakthrough facilitating new avenues of research. Attendees would represent researchers from all career stages and must accord with our Equal Opportunities guidelines. Attendance should be open to all, but ESEB members should be prioritised. Typically, meetings would last 2-3 days.

A condition of the funding is that the meeting has a clear objective to produce either a Special Issue or Target Review for JEB. Within 4 months of the meeting manuscripts arising from the meeting should be submitted to the journal, to be handled by the organisers as guest editors or the editorial board of JEB, as appropriate.

There will be one call for applications per year, with this year’s deadline being to be announced. Applicants should be members of ESEB or our sister society, the Society for the Study of Evolution.

There is no official application form. The application document should include:

  • The title of the conference and why this is suitable for a Progress Meeting
  • Names and addresses of the organisers, with short (1 page each) CVs
  • List of keynote speakers, with justification (potentially key recent references). They should have agreed in principle to participate
  • A 2-page description of the aims and potential scope of the conference
  • Conference venue details
  • Methods of selecting participants
  • Publication plans

Questions and applications should be submitted to the ESEB Office ( by the deadline. The successful application will be chosen by an ESEB committee.

Luke Holman, Chair, Reviews Editor, JEB
Mike Ritchie, former Editor in Chief, JEB
Max Reuter, Editor in Chief, JEB
Tanja Schwander, Deciding Editor and former Special Issue Editor, JEB

Progress Meeting 2021

The Social Lives of Viruses

Organisers: Asher Leeks (UK) and Samuel L. Díaz Muñoz (US)

Dates & Place: 21 – 23 March 2022, St. John’s College, Oxford, UK

Progress Meeting 2020

Disentangling neutral versus adaptive evolution in chromosomal inversions

Organisers: Emma Berdan (SE), Thomas Flatt (CH), and Kerstin Johannesson (SE)

Dates & Place: tba

Review: tba

Progress Meeting 2019

Virus evolution on the mutualist – parasite continuum

Organisers: Samuel Alizon (FR) & Paul Turner (US)
Dates & Place: 21 – 25 October 2019, Roscoff, FR

Review: tba

Progress Meeting 2018

Resistance to gene drives: responses to natural and synthetic systems

Organisers: Tom Price (UK) & Anna Lindholm (CH)
Dates & Place: 18 – 23 June 2018, Arolla, CH

TARGET REVIEW: Price T.A.R., Resistance to natural and synthetic gene drive systems, DOI: 10.1111/jeb.13693