We’re hiring — JEB Editorial Board restructure

As announced in a recent edit­or­i­al, we will restruc­ture the JEB edit­or­i­al board for the begin­ning of 2023 and are call­ing for applic­a­tions for two types of pos­i­tions, Hand­ling Edit­ors and Asso­ci­ate Edit­ors.

JEB’s board has long con­sisted of a small group of Decid­ing Edit­ors, who handle sub­mis­sions by soli­cit­ing reviews and tak­ing inde­pend­ent decisions. This struc­ture has served us well in the past and allowed us to main­tain rel­at­ively fast decision times. How­ever, evol­u­tion­ary research is now more tech­nic­ally spe­cial­ised and geo­graph­ic­ally diverse. It is for this reas­on that we will switch from the small cur­rent board of Decid­ing Edit­ors to a lar­ger struc­ture with a small group of Hand­ling Edit­ors (who will triage manu­scripts and make final decisions), sup­por­ted by a wider board of Asso­ci­ate Edit­ors (who invite reviews and recom­mend decisions). This struc­ture com­bines the advant­ages of—on one hand—consistency of decision-mak­ing through the Hand­ling Edit­ors who deal with many sub­mis­sions, and—on the oth­er hand—fine-grained, spe­cial­ist expert­ise through the Asso­ci­ate Edit­ors who over­see assess­ment of few manu­scripts. In addi­tion to fur­ther increas­ing the qual­ity of peer review, the restruc­ture will allow us to make our board more diverse and inclus­ive in terms of gender and geo­graphy. Finally, the res­ult­ing increased size of the board will broaden JEB’s reach into the community—an import­ant aspect for a soci­ety journ­al such as JEB.

You can find more inform­a­tion on the respons­ib­il­it­ies of each role and how to apply here: https://jevbio.net/were-hiring-jeb-editorial-board-restructure/

The dead­line for applic­a­tions is the 28th Octo­ber 2022. We look for­ward to hear­ing from you.

Best wishes,

The JEB Edit­or­i­al Team