The European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) is an academic society that brings together more than 2000 evolutionary biologists from Europe and the rest of the world – researchers, academic teachers, students, as well as journalists and other persons interested in evolution. By joining you become part of this academic community.

ESEB aims at supporting the study of organic evolution. The Society publishes the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, co-publishes the journal Evolution Letters, organizes a biannual ESEB congress, and supports other meetings that advance an understanding of evolutionary biology. ESEB also supports activities to promote a scientific view of organic evolution in research and education.

The biennial Congress of ESEB is one of the largest scientific meetings in broadly defined evolutionary biology. ESEB members are entitled to substantially reduced registration fees. The Society also offers Conference travel awards to support participation of student members from economically disadvantaged countries as well as Congress Attendance Aid Grants aiming to increase the participation of female researchers.

The membership of ESEB includes a personal on-line subscription to the Society’s journal, the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. The journal has an Open Access option, and authors who are members of the Society benefit from a 50 % discount on the Open Access fee for their papers. ESEB members are also entitled to a 25 % discount on all books published by Wiley-Blackwell and a 20 % discount on Ecology & Evolution books from Oxford University Press, as well as other promotional offers. Read about all discounts …

The Society supports young researchers, e.g., by sponsoring the annual EMPSEB meeting of PhD students in evolutionary biology, by supporting lab visits and field trips, and by awarding the John Maynard Smith Prize to outstanding young evolutionary biologists. It also supports outreach initiatives aiming at popularizing evolutionary biology to general public and countering creationism, especially in non-English-speaking countries. Moreover, ESEB offers Equal Opportunities Initiative funds aiming to improve equal opportunities in evolutionary biology. By joining the society, you can support these initiatives.

The ESEB is a platform of integration for evolutionary biologists from different countries. Endorsement and logistic support of the ESEB is particularly important for local evolutionary biologists in countries with little tradition and few researchers in evolution. As an active member you could also receive endorsement and support for evolution-related initiatives in your country.

To join the European Society for Evolutionary Biology or to renew your membership, please visit our membership page.