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Pho­to­graphy cred­its
In alpha­bet­ic­al order and exclud­ing picures where the cred­it is stated at or below the picture.

Moth, cred­it: Laila Kee 
Tevans­ibig, cred­it: Sara Magalhaes
ESEB2019 poster session
ESEB2019 poster ses­sion, cred­it: Craig Primmer
Picture Stickleback, credits C. Peichel
Stickle­back, cred­it: Cath­er­ine Peichel
Picture Calopteryx
Cal­o­p­teryx, cred­it: Erik Svensson
Dandelion seedhead, credits K. Verhoeven
Dan­deli­on seed­head, cred­it Koen Verhoeven

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