Special Topic Networks

Small symposia, workshops and courses in various formats can perform functions complementary to those of the ESEB Congresses, allowing more focused interactions within specialist areas, forging new links between previously separate areas or fostering interdisciplinary and innovative ideas that merge specialized fields. One-off events can be valuable but the returns for connected series of events can be even greater. Therefore, ESEB invites proposals for Special Topic Networks (STNs) that will support dynamic and flexible series of small meetings and/or other networking opportunities in focused and currently active research areas.

Each STN will be funded for up to 6 years (subject to review after 2 and 4 years of operation) with an annual budget of up to 10 000 Euros. Six STNs have been initiated since the start of the initiative (see below), and further STNs will be initiated every other year. The format of these STNs is up to their organisers and innovative ideas are encouraged. All fields of evolutionary biology are eligible.

Next Call for Applications

The next call will open in autumn 2022.

Currently Funded Networks

The STN Committee,
Ellen Decaestecker, Simone Immler, Troy Day and Yannis Michalakis