Citizen science project ​ ‘Melanogaster, Catch The Fly! ’

The Citizen science project ‘Melanogaster, Catch The Fly!’ adapts to COVID-19: 14 schools from Spain and Germany are committed to researching how organisms adapt to new environments

● 250 students and more than 60 international laboratories participate in collecting biological samples for the citizen science project ‘Melanogaster, Catch The Fly!’
● Results that have already been obtained include the discovery of the ‘Tomelloso virus’ and the first European map of genetic variation in Drosophila melanogaster.
● Citizen science protocols have been fully adapted to comply with the hygiene and physical distance measures imposed by COVID-19.

Press release – ‘Melanogaster: Catch the Fly!‘: MCTF press release 07 2020
Project website:

Corona pandemic and ESEB Initiatives Funds

Dear grantees of Equal Opportunity Funds, Hewitt Mobility Awards, Outreach Initiative Funds, and Special Topic Networks,

The corona pandemic is likely to adversely affect many of the ESEB-sponsored activities this year.

We are aware that you might have difficulties to carry out your activities or projects as planned. If your project is delayed, interrupted or needs to be postponed, we have decided under these exceptional circumstance to grant an automatic extension for the completion and report deadlines by up to six months. Please briefly inform the ESEB office ( if you need such an extension.

In case you have to cancel any activities, please try everything you can to get refunds expenses you may have already incurred! For all costs that cannot be covered otherwise, you may exceptionally use the funds granted by ESEB. Please note, however, that such costs will have to be taken from the original budget and should be explained in the report you submit. ESEB will consider to grant supplementary funds only under very exceptional circumstances.

If you have any further questions, please contact the ESEB office ( at any time.